• Providing best in class testing for over 10 years.

Through innovation and automation
we provide testing at your convenience

Blazing Fast Turnaround Times

Same day results at Miami office, if you test before noon.

9:00 am next day results for our LA, and LV tests.

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Enhanced Access To Results

Accessible from any web-enabled device.

Online Dashboard results accesibility.

Convenient Draw locations

Over 400+ Draw sites across the US, Canada and Mexico.

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After Hours Help Line

The after-hours helpline is an extension of TTS service providing you help regarding any one of our services.

After hours Phone Number +1 (844) 734 3324.

Free Access To Talents & Producers/Agents

Online dashboards are free and customizable for talents and producers/agents.

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Authentication Verification Technology

No fake tests: We have implemented encrypted technology to verify the authenticity of results.

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