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  1. Fast and easy 24 hr results!!!

    Talent ID # 441958. Mr. Sneaky Link
  2. Beautiful service that helps us make sure we are safe in the industry

    Talent ID # 377470. Bryce Beckett
  3. Well needless to say I am not happy with talent testing right now for the simple fact I had to get tested for a second time! My blood didn?t make it to the lab the first time in time to be tested so I had to go back again when I hate my blood drawn
    Needless to say it?s been a nightmare and I?m still waiting on the results from testing again yesterday

    Talent ID # 344196. Khrista Lancaster
  4. i just made my account so i don't have any disagreements or opinions just yet. Everything has been good so far.

    Talent ID # 210046. Manny Thrust
  5. I think this is great way to keep people in the know and for a persons own self awareness .

    Talent ID # 199305. Arianna Steele
  6. While the process at the draw station could be a little faster I always get my test results back the next day, even when getting my draw done here in Maryland.

    Talent ID # 62140. Ron Getz
  7. My experience at the draw center was more then helpful the girls that assisted me were professional and calming. Though im afraid of needles the nurse kept me calm and did a great job.

    Talent ID # 67992. jason
  8. It was a nice experience getting tested and fast service.

    Talent ID # 64685. Joe Coool
  9. very nice and friendly felt completely comfortable! very clean as well

    Talent ID # 64443. Lily Love
  10. Hi I have been an adult movie performer for about 3 years now and have only used Talent Testing because of it's fast accurate responses. They contact you right away if there is a problem and you are usually never in there for more than 15 minutes. They are very nice and very friendly. I will recommend this to anyone in the business.

    Talent ID # 37108. Juan Largo

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