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  1. none

    Talent ID # 466280. queenc
  2. Great website and very thorough

    Talent ID # 431062. txhotwife84
  3. Just a happy, extravert individual from Brooklyn, known for brightening a room up with positive energy. People person oriented with an open mind and a great spirit. You only die once but you live everyday. Keep GOD first no matter what, smile and tell someone you love them.

    Talent ID # 372737. Terrance Cummings
  4. Covid testing

    Talent ID # 327988. Mia Rodriguez
  5. I promise that everything is written and accounted for and that all my results and information reported will always be true.

    Talent ID # 190301. Monaco Evans
  6. Got the results faster than I thought. Very pleased with the service

    Talent ID # 169112. Johnny Deep
  7. Always great customer service and love the next day results.

    Talent ID # 104904. swtfreakxxx
  8. Super friendly and super fast :)

    Talent ID # 121249. Shannon Wolf
  9. It's a must for safety and sound mind...

    Talent ID # 106026. PHILIP VARONE
  10. In my experience over the past 2+ years I have dealt with other testing companies and it never failed, they always seem painfully uncomfortable express it by being rude or getting way too personal. I would spend an average of 10 minutes on hold when I called, and I always got the distinct impression that adult content is not something their employees were trained to handle. I was even asked by the phlebotomists where he could find my content...as he was drawing my blood! Super uncomfortable. NOT professional.

    Recently another model recommended me to Talent Testing and I am so very pleased she did! Since I've been going to the Talent Testing locating, I have only had completely positive experiences. I have never been put on hold, they are incredibly nice, and 100% professional. And I feel totally comfortable there as they are no strangers to adult content. The office I go to even has nicely framed photos of famous adult performers on the wall in the lobby. I actually drive an extra 30 minutes to get there and gladly so as the service is just phenomenal.

    Talent ID # 71363. Mistress Kara

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