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  1. You're doing stuff. I'm doing stuff. Let's make sure the stuff is safe. TTS does that and makes it super simple. Been using them for 5 years and intend to keep using their service!

    Talent ID # 150648. EZE
  2. Good servife

    Talent ID # 103386. Jason Freeman
  3. Great services and fast results.

    Talent ID # 338088. Levy Foxx
  4. Very kind helpful & quick

    Talent ID # 321944. Gia DiBella
  5. Talent Testing is fast an awesome, quicker results for less money than going to any lab in your city. Most insurance won't pay for STI testing more than once a year, so Talent is your best bet!

    Talent ID # 116424. Summer Hart
  6. Fast and Easy testing!


    Talent ID # 61746. Wenona
  7. IT is first time i use this service i think it great

    Talent ID # 89360. sniper983
  8. I love coming here.. Always on time and great service

    Talent ID # 32784. 
  9. I have always had a wonderful experience using Talent Testing Services! So happy they added a new location in my hometown! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for your great service TTS! :)
    -Ivy Winters

    Talent ID # 51474. Ivy Winters
  10. it was so fast, i was all taken care of and outta there in about 10 minutes tops! I love this testing service!!! -PINK XXX

    Talent ID # 53308. PINK XXX

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