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  1. Never had a S.T.D .
    Don't have Twitter.
    Just wanna try something new with myself.

    Talent ID # 394433. Bigpapa2times
  2. It was a great experience.

    Talent ID # 385494. Gooshot
  3. Office is always filled with odd people but, the service is fast and prompt Plus I LOVE same day results :)

    Talent ID # 169615. Breyana Moore
  4. Quick test results, even during busy AVN week! Great service in ordering tests...always pleasant!

    Producer/Agent Spungy Gunk Films
  5. I got poked several times, but what girl doesn't enjoy a little bit of poking. Friendly staff and fast results!

    Talent ID # 71070. Lovely Sillk
  6. Very impressed with the professionalism shown at the draw center. Was in and out in 30 minutes.
    My first time using TTS as i have always used AIM in the past. Onwards and upwards.

    Talent ID # 64608. Joe Royal
  7. Great professional friendly place, very efficient in and out of the door within 5 minutes.

    Talent ID # 51895. Ivan
  8. TTS is an excellent option for testing in the industry. Easy scheduling, plenty of local draw centers, and easy review of the results. I plan to use this service as long as my career takes me.

    Talent ID # 51121. Davyd
  9. I highly recommend Talent Testing Service to all adult entertainment workers, as well as anyone.
    They are always professional, quick and customer oriented.

    Talent ID # 33272. Joey Hogger
  10. Really good service..very patient.

    Talent ID # 45034. ACE

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