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  1. None

    Talent ID # 346330. Paradise
  2. Jasmine

    Talent ID # 202583. Binky
  3. Great

    Talent ID # 197532. Anastashia
  4. Easy helpful keeps open minded people open minded for a greater experience.

    Talent ID # 92442. Jean Claude
  5. Talent Testing services has been very professional and courteous in all our communications. They were very responsive when I asked if a closer testing site could be located and they did help me to achieve that. It was an all around good experience.

    Talent ID # 161906. Fallon Kelly
  6. Amazing service. Easy and friendly and confidential.

    Talent ID # 160767. Ron Davis
  7. Best phlebotomist I've ever had in my life! I didn't feel at thing, and I've had to be poked several times for a draw in the past, but not at TTS.

    The facility is clean, and quite. Everyone is professional. Service is quick, and its amazing that testing comes back with in 24 hrs.

    I don't want to say I enjoyed it, but it wasn't bad. This is never something I dread.

    Talent ID # 150005. Quinn Rain
  8. Talent Testing Services gives you the assurance and accountability you deserve based on your sex life. Professionally or otherwise. Know your status!

    Talent ID # 136429. Girth Jonez
  9. Testing Service of talent I was most satisfied. Thank you for the nice approach, support and professionalism.
    Leonelle Knox

    Talent ID # 69123. Leonelle Knox
  10. I am the producer for digital playground.
    I have been dealing with the reseda office for
    A good period of time now.
    They have been very polite, and knowledgable
    Since the first time i walked into their office.
    They have gone out of there way anytime I've asked for their help.
    Their turnaround time on my contract girls tests have always been on time,( even samples that were shipped to them from out of state.)
    Jesse and sunshine are professionals, and
    I will support and continue to use their facility.

    Thanks to all the good people at talent testing
    Services, keep up the good work!

    Marc K
    Producer/ production manager
    Digital Playground

    Producer/Agent Maxine Productions

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