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  1. Thankful

    Talent ID # 327551. Luna
  2. TTS has helped me get towards my goals and keeping me aware of my health. I'm appreciative for these labs and how quick they give results

    Talent ID # 181695. Don Grammar
  3. Absolutely easy and wonderful experience. Professional and put me at ease.

    Talent ID # 239866. 
  4. Great facility was in and out in a flash

    Talent ID # 193586. Hektek
  5. It was fine, easy to navigate

    Talent ID # 194165. Celebrationhott
  6. Staff was friendly and professional. Was in and out in less than an hour.

    Talent ID # 154442. Lianna Lawson
  7. directions werent quite clear to me, nor were the results. I finally figured out how to get to it, but viewing the results, I'm still not understanding how to read them.

    Talent ID # 81029. Natasha TY
  8. I had a great time at your facility today. Thank you so very much, Daniel for being nice, friendly and good to me today. We need more wonderful people like you in this world.

    Sean Rubin

    Talent ID # 72029. Sean Rubin
  9. I really wish you did the HIV-1 DNA test instead of the HIV-1 NAT test. We're working in porn, I don't have a problem paying an extra $20.00 for a proper HIV test. It just seems like common sense to me.

    Talent ID # 50004. Alia Janine
  10. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. They provided a venue where you can relax and be at ease.

    Talent ID # 45094. Jerico Marks

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