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  1. Very professional ladies. Non-judgmental & extremely sweet. My favorite draw-site.

    Talent ID # 456710. Violet Mortem
  2. N/a

    Talent ID # 443369. Katya lively
  3. Talent Testing Services is quick and easy. They are used by the adult industry a lot, but what some people don't know is that they are also open to the general public, so don't be afraid or intimidated by adult talents who go in there!

    Recommended to sign up online, but I accidentally signed up as a talent on the main website and had to put none for agency and stage name. There is a different website name for the general public called https://www.iknowmystatus.com/ which is essentially the same as their main website. This was a bit confusing as their main website does not mention this for the general public. That'd be my only recommendation of improvement to help out the general non-talent public who want to get tested through this company.

    Other than that, once a profile has been completed online, you'll be in their system, and you just go in (during covid they only allow 3 inside at a time which is understandable), pay your fees, then just simply pee in a cup, draw your blood, and if you sign up for the covid test, take a mouth swab. You're in and out pretty quickly.

    Results appeared the very next day, roughly in the noon-time. Will definitely go here again whenever I need to get tested.

    Talent ID # 317337. None
  4. Live life like it's your last day.
    Young, Wild, Free!

    Talent ID # 206037. Ashton Garner
  5. This is the best service I know for both talent and producers to use.

    I also believe it would be the best for everyone to use so safe sex practices would be made so much easier for individuals.

    Talent ID # 175667. Mr Rob
  6. The Springfield, PA was a wonderful testing experience! The staff was kind and respectful from start to finish and the process was quick! I also got the results in less time than I anticipated (24 hour turn around). This was my first experience and I?m so excited to come back for my next testing!

    Talent ID # 198831. Jessa Jordan
  7. Being a new agent as a male performer in the adult entertainment industry as a safety percaution talent are to be tested before every performance .

    Talent ID # 195722. Reginald regionz
  8. I love TTS. It makes it all so easy and simple. They are often easy to deal with online or over the phone. All the facilities I have visited have proven clean and simple. Thank you TTS!

    Talent ID # 73630. Elizabeth Thorn
  9. Very easy! Great service! ��

    Talent ID # 98100. Nina Zumi
  10. I love talent testing in miami, everyone there is very friendly and very sweet. Mayi does my bloodwork everytime and shes amazing!!!! Normally im terrified of needles but she makes it so comfortable that I dont even notice shes stuck me haha!! The facility itself is VERY clean and sterile, they take the needles out of the package infront of you. They are seriously awesome I wouldnt wanna go anywhere else to get tested.

    Talent ID # 89371. Kimber Woods

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